Remote Filing and ACH Application Form

We are approved by Customs to clear shipments in other ports of the country. There are some restrictions to this. You must have a continuous bond on file with Customs, and you must have an ACH account. 

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This enables us to have Customs deduct your duty directly from your account. The benefit of this is that you don't have to overnight duty checks to us, which saves on overnight fees.

Customs cannot deduct this money until we authorize them to do so, and we will fax you a statement showing all the details before the money is withdrawn.

Another advantage of this is that if you have a bond on file with Customs, and you have an ACH account, we can clear shipments for you in other ports. There are some ports that Customs doesn't allow remote filing in, but we can check that for you.

Please complete the following ACH Application Form as follows:

  • ABI Client Rep: Steve Sparta
  • Broker File Code: 165
  • Broker: Portside Customs Service, Inc
  • Fax to Laverne Rairdon at 317-298-1259